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The MAKE IT HAPPEN dissects how you get to your happiness, but even more importantly- you need to find your WHY. First, you need to get in your own personal ethics and be real with yourself. WHY do you bust your butt all hours of the day and night? WHY do you care what your family is thinking of you? WHY do you want to take 3 vacations a year? What does faith mean to you? WHY do you have career goals? Our lives are made up of 50-65 "Planner Years," But WHY do we do it? What is your "dash" on your gravestone going to read about you?

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I can get you back on track. I will help you find enjoyment in your life and a reason to be here. I guarantee to leave your life better than what I found it. 


Be Happy Again.

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About Us:

@ Important Stuff Stays, we are CRUSADERS for purpose + happiness. We carry the most important piece of the puzzle (Make It Happen Planner) Planner with Purpose AND products to support that. Our mission is to help you create a fulfilled life of you being awesome, staying motivated and feeling fab.

Our founder + author, Karlee Bertrang, wrote the Make It Happen Planner because she was overworked and feeling unfulfilled. A mom running multiple businesses, she felt wiped out and she wasn’t living a life aligned with her true PURPOSE. Most importantly, in a time where people are increasingly self centered and not fulfilling purpose, rather leaning on pleasure to fill the void, her hope is to stimulate better people, for better lives and a better world.

Having a tool to help people live a more productive, meaningful life is essential. It’s also extremely important for those people to stay motivated and feel fresh! That is where our purpose products come in! There are purpose products throughout our website for each aspect: Personal, Family, Career, and Society/Faith.



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