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This Christmas I Give You My Heart

Embarking on a couple new journeys (new business and building a house), we have decided to limit our gifting. I, for one, am gifting SOLELY the MAKEITHAPPEN planners for members outside of our home. For my husband and our children, it’s going to be well thought out special time with one another and us together as a family.

Here’s the thing… our 5 year old is going to be super irritated because he’s been waiting for Christmas ALL YEAR, but I don’t care. We are raising our children to be thoughtful adults and to carry on traditions with their families, so why would we succumb to thoughtless gifts just so they can be like the other kids? Maybe if we start this and encourage others to do the same, Christmas would feel like a piece of the past. To make the Holidays more interesting, Elfie always makes an appearance from Black Friday all the way to Christmas Eve. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Christmas IS the PRESENTS, so we will write down our heartfelt, super cool ideas and coupons for special time in multiple sized boxes, wrapped up oh so pretty.

Some ideas: Manicure, Pedicure (they all love getting pampered)

Plaster footprint activities (our kids LOVE painting and decorating)

Babysitter gift certificate (for daddy, a prepaid babysitter coupon for date night)

Movie tickets

Skating gift certificate (for our whole fam- we would NEVER do this if I didn’t get this!)

Special Christmas Card for each member of the family, from each member of the family

Painting Canvas and watercolor paint (can decorate kids rooms and they are proud of masterpiece)

Photo sesh checklist (they feel so special when I’m snapping photos only of them)

Bank statement for our family vaca (showing them we’ve been saving all year for our fam trip and ideas on where they want to go)

Coupons for each person for 5 dinners for menu of their choosing

DVD, Popcorn, Candy (family movie night)

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