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I did not write these planners to sell books.

I have been living my life by purpose for years. Have I gotten off track a million times? YES. Did I always know where to pick up when I was ready to get back on? YES. That's the thing, before you get on "track," you need to know which track you're heading on. What is your end goal? I mean, when you DIE (morbid i know), what do you want to leave behind, what do you want to have accomplished? It seems hard being 20, 30 years old thinking about this, but you need to do it. It's the outline for your life. You're going to jump off the wagon and have some detours, but when you get back on you will know where you're supposed to go. You'll know if your actions are supporting your purpose and that's the magic!

The next part; you know what you're supposed to be doing, what results you're expecting, but how do you get there? THAT'S WHERE THE Directional Methods come into play. Whatever you want to do, you have to:

START... brainstorm and record ideas, map out what it is you are going to accomplish, what you expectations are and ACTIONS while you're getting there.

SLOW... You don't want to race off into the sunset on chance, you need to prove it works before you run with it. Start slow; promote, advertise, pinch pennies, do homework, then you can start delivering and holding yourself accountable.

GO!... (THEEEE BEST) Your master plan is working? AWESOME. Do MORE. Accentuate on time management, whatever has been good... do more good, that's how you get better. Parts of your policy or plan that aren't working? Cut them out. Reorganize your time, your policy, your actions to cut out the lag and do more of what has been successful.

REVERSE...Going in the wrong direction? Try, and then TRY again. Use a different method until something sticks. Change whats normal operating basis for you (habits), write down what didn't work and promise yourself to change. Create a new plan to promote, advertise, economize, and DELIVER that baby.

So, here we are. Ready to conquer the world. And I want to be here to help, listen, or offer advice. PLEASE email me if you're stuck with your planner/ your life, and I PROMISE to do what I can to help.,,

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