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Preorders arrive Wednesday!

I am so excited for Wednesday, to get Important Stuff Stays Planners into peoples arms, homes and desks!!! I love feeling organized and knowing that every move I make is towards my purpose. I can’t wait for more and more and MORE people to experience it ❤️❤️ They are CLEAN. Writing in my planner doesn’t feel like another full time job. It does the trick, keeps me focused and on the straight and narrow. They are INSIGHTFUL. I never feel like I don’t know which direction I’m heading, and I always know how I’m feeling about what I do. They keep me HYDRATED;) the water bottle trackers help me do what I need to do but hate doing... drinking 4 water bottles per day. I feel ORGANIZED. Love going to the store and not forgetting what I need. I Need to see my week in an open spread on 2 pages so I can visualize how I’m going to MAKE MY WEEK HAPPEN. I always HAVE A PLAN. Directional Methods are seriously the best thing ever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check them out. You will be happy you did! 

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