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First of all, as we all know, there are only so many hours in a day and days in a week. One person cannot do it all I don’t care what your morals values or how much of a “traditionalist” you want to be. In today’s day and age, both genders are expected to and typically NEED to work outside of taking care of the house and kids. Ok great- so you both work, and then ONE of you is expected to take care of household chores and children? NO. That is not how it works anymore. This is not 1920. This is damn near 2020. People need to get with the times.

-HOME CHORE SHEET. Let’s kick it back old school- Who is doing what? You need to establish what hat you are wearing, and which hat your spouse is wearing. Marriage means teamwork and you can wear each other’s hats if it is communicated. If one of you is doing the bulk of the chores or caring for the children, resentment is on its way. Divorce rate is 50/50 and rising for a reason.

-PARENTING and CHILDCARE. It takes TWO people to make a child, and it takes TWO people to parent a child. Figure it out with your significant other how you can equally be involved in nurturing, disciplining and overall caring for your children. If one of you is favored by your children it is probably because that person does the bulk of the mommy daddy duties. It’s also highly likely that this person in question is doing a lot of the tasks around the house.

If any of this sounds familiar, I recommend starting with a MAKE IT HAPPEN planner and jotting out each of your PURPOSES to life. Then, figuring out how it’s going to work for everyone to get there, stay sane, stay happy, and flourish!


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