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Good Morning Important People!!!

Yesterday, possibly in the busiest part of my day one of my friends text me and said, "Hey you need to start texting me some inspirational garbage to get me out of bed in the morning. Maybe a song link to spotify or something too?"

Welllll, OK Chase! Today's message read: "You wanna know what's exciting? Waking up while the rest are sleeping. Attentiveness is effectiveness. We are so lucky to have this advantage and this beautiful life. Chaos is magic.

If you're an important person (ISS follower), check out my blog periodically, or even errrrryday. I'm going to do my best to correspond with some happy words as much as i can! If anyone else is interested in teaming up with ImportantStuffStays blog and writing, send me a shout out! The more the merrier, we can all help each other.


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