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"I Was Raised to Say Please and Thank You, Did Someone Forget to Tell This Generation?"

Girl Please. I just read this on someone’s social media and almost puked. First of all, as parents of any generation, It’s your duty to implement please, thank you, and all other manners that make for a satisfying life. Perhaps it died when you, as parents, failed to take responsibility and started blaming others and generalizing “our generation” as entitled little assholes.

Instead of going along with society in defaming our generation, I challenge you to make a difference!

First, make a difference in your own damn life. You having a bad week? Month? Year? Decade? Get off your ass and do something about it. Take charge, that is the first step.

You have to START somewhere.

-BrainStorm, Record

-What are you trying to accomplish?

-What are your expectations and actions to get you where you need to be?

SLOWly Implement it.

-Promote, Advertise, Let it be known

-Pinch Pennies, Do Homework, Research & Time Management

-Deliver it. Do it. Hold Yourself Accountable.

Is it working?

GO with it.

-Accentuate on Time Management

-Actions: DO MORE GOOD. You can see what’s working and what is not. Cut out the bad and accentuate on the good. It’s always easier and more fun to get better at what you’re good at then keep doing what you don’t enjoy and keep getting discouraged. Everyone is not good at everything.

-DISTtractions: Cut ‘em out. What is holding you back? Say BYE BYE BYE. *Can be people, actions, things, feelings

Making a positive change is so easy, you just have to WANT to do it. Don’t dim the shine of the world because you can’t seem to get past your own shortcomings. Rise up and be better! If you need some assistance, may I suggest a MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner! That baby will polish up your life in no time.

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