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QUICK START: Sylists & Massage Therapist

Massage day is ALWAYS a great day, but today was exceptional. Typically, I get massaged once monthly but I have been slacking so hard on maintaining myself in the last year. I have been too busy making a life that I forget to live it. (Side note, I struggled with a migrane for 4 weeks straight. I went to the ER, got botox, of course I used essential oils, and even took medication: NOTHING HELPED until I finally went in for a head/neck massage) Thank you Natalie @ La Bella Vita Massage!

My best thoughts come channeling in when I’m getting my hair done or getting a massage for two reasons. Number one, I can’t escape that moment and get involved with something else, and number two… My entire reason behind my company is to help people, and who would I want to help more than my massage therapist and stylist? So today this post is for all you massage therapists and stylists out there!

Using your MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner, here’s what you’re going to do to crush life.

  • SET IT UP. Don’t keep it in your box for another week, do it right HERE right NOW. Success happens today don’t wait ‘til tomorrow.

  • GOALS and HABITS: Instead of weekly, think of 2-4 basic things to start doing to improve each month or even quarter instead of week (like the Planner says) until they become habits. This is best for massage therapists because you probably see your regular client base at least once a month. Hair Stylists, maybe you want to work on the same things within a quarter. Write down the same 2-4 things every week for a month (or quarter). That is how to form good habits.

Imagine 12 months of this. Who could stop you? No one.

-Asking for Referrals -Patient Education -Scheduling Back -Upselling

  • QUARTERLY FOCUS: Skip ahead to the quarterly focus, write down your rewards at the end of the quarter if you reach your goal. (I would do 1 small *after a month, 1 small *after another month and then the huge reward end of quarter. Name your goals clearly, example, “I need to schedule back 75% of clients before they leave today’s appointment.” “I will give my referring clients a free cut, or free essential oil for every 4 referrals.” “I will schedule 5 minutes onto my appointments so I can do better client education for scheduling back and selling product.”

Skipping ahead to quarterly focus also reminds you to save receipts and be smarter when you’re doing your accounting so taxes aren’t such a struggle at the end of the year. (Ask me how I know!)

  • Prioritize which one to MASTER each week (still being mindful of the other 2-3 habits) and do the Directional Method on that.

On daily schedules write down your clients



___ ___ ___ ___

(So you can put an ever so satisfying CHECKMARK on those babies when you take care of!

Easy Peasy steps to flourishing, all while helping your clients the best way you can!!!

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