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How to Be Skinny When You Forget to Meal Prep

The most expensive item in our lives today is convenience, I get it. So this is NOT a money saying blog post. But, sometimes LIFE HAPPENS and it's Sunday (day of the holy meal prep), snowing 2 feet and you just don't want to do anything.

Fast forward to Monday at lunch and you're starving to death but need to be skinny for spur of the moment Honeymoon you're taking in less than two weeks.


1 Package Chicken Breast Tenderloins

little less than 1/4 C. Chicken Broth

3/4 Package Broccoli Slaw

Olive Oil


Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Lemon Pepper



-Pre Heat your pan with olive oil *I use those awesome magical copper ones

-Season chicken with spices and herbs while pan is heating *ALWAYS wait until meat is done cooking to use salt, it dries it out and nobody likes dry chicken

-Add chicken tenderloins, cook for 10 min, add chicken broth

-Flip and add 3/4 package of broccoli slaw, cover for additional 5 min

-Take cover off, finish for 6 more minutes until chicken is brown and broccoli is tender, some pieces crisp

-Finish with lawreys

(IF you're feeding people who don't care about being trim and slim I would suggest making sriracha ranch and using for condiment) SO GOOD

Voila 21 min and done, One Pan Wonder

Kim. I didn't forget about you:)

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