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TGIF: Can be so controversial & for good reason. If you are like me and 42% of the population in the United States, you work weekends. SO, THANK GOODNESS I GET TO WORK THIS WEEKEND? Wowsa.

But seriously, THANK GOODNESS you get the opportunity to expand your workdays in a week to the weekend too. It's basically free time you get to accomplish endeavors. That may mean on Monday, when everyone is just getting to their start of the workweek, you get to go explore nature in a kayak and catch some fish. You have the first chance at a tan while everyone is in their office working their job (love it or hate it).

That MAY mean that you work Monday as well. Maybe you have the responsibilities of your 9-5 Monday- Friday, but at 5 PM on Friday you get the possibility to create something else, that fulfills your PURPOSE and your happiness. How lucky are you?! There are some people that are stuck. Stuck in their mindset of thinking that they must continue doing what is normal and comfortable for them. Stuck at the job that pays the bills to get them by. Stuck in a relationship that they aren't even happy in, its just normal, comfortable and complacent.

Those people aren't happy. Those people don't have a deep sense of meaning, and they are hurting no one but themselves. They probably look at the glass as only half full, because there is a hole in the glass. And it's everyone else's fault. It couldn't possibly be their fault. They work hard everyday and put in some type of effort or once put in effort somewhere and it didn't work, and they are just OK with that. Or so they tell themselves.

IMPORTANT PEOPLE, like yourself (I know, or you wouldn't be reading this) know that there is a way to happiness. It's not a destination or a place. It's not a job or a person. It's your lifestyle. YOU people know that although you work so hard at what you want, you must have some balance. YOU know what makes you happy. YOU know what you are doing when you feel your best and you accentuate on the good. YOU figure out your schedule's demands and work time in for YOU. YOU don't think (nose up) "yeah, happy friday." YOU think, Friday? What is Friday? They are all just days in a week: another opportunity to be excellent, put out good vibes, make shit happen and LOVE life.

Climb The Mountains--- Take Breaks--- Enjoy the Journey As Much As The Destination!

THAT is what life is all about!!!

Check out our facebook group: important people A great chance to connect with likeminded people who are doing the same thing as you. Words of encouragement never hurt anyone but a stuck mindset sure has. Find the promotion I am running on the page and enter to win not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR MAKE IT HAPPEN Planners for you and three of your accountability partners. (Join group, add your partners, tag them on the post and cross your fingers!)

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