Leave the Drama for the Llamas

I am not for everyone.

The MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner isn’t for everyone.

Here’s my purpose:

Family: Live as tomorrow isn’t promised. Give enough love each day to last a lifetime. Never do “too much” for them. Live by as much “fairness” as possible. Lead by example. Give credit when credit is due. All be good and better people together. Make my husband thankful he married me every single day. I want our kids to WANT to be like me as they grow. Promote and assist my dad in his businesses and help wherever I can. Never let business overrule love. Look back quarterly.

Personal: “Vacation” as much as possible, at least four breaks per year. Impact my life and the world by doing so. Wake up each morning excited about something. Maintain good health for a lifetime. Be surrounded by positive people and NEVER BE HESITANT to cut out toxicity. Maintain connection with Important People: old and new friends, customers and clients. No negative thinking without problem solving. Radiate positive, wonderful vibes and never sell myself or my thoughts short.

Career: Be approachable. Always improving. Create a life for my children and their friends where it is odd to grow up without work ethic and sense of responsibility. Build a worldwide empire of GOOD, AUTHENTIC PEOPLE. Always ask for help and referrals. Never ask someone to do something I would not be willing to do. Work smarter instead of harder. Always make time for my employees, customers and clients and grow together.

Society/Faith: Help people every chance I get, in a SMART way that will LAST for them. Always believe in something greater than ourselves and have faith. Believe that most people are good. Be grateful, everyone has something to offer. Raise contributing members of society and ALWAYS BE ONE.


We have all met and interacted with great people who make this world a better place, and some people who are negative, pessimistic and can’t look at themselves in the mirror for the things they directly contribute to the lifestyle they lead. Everyone is different, but everyone should have a purpose. Writing out my purpose has helped me be a BETTER PERSON because I can make note my own shady/ negative behaviors because they DO NOT CONTRIBUTE to my PURPOSE. Ewww. I don’t want to be that person.

I just left a facebook group of 57,000 people who’s commonalities are “planners.” I added myself to a bunch of planner groups to learn more about them, learn about the people who use them and to see likes and dislikes. This specific group in particular, calls themselves llamas. Because drama is OK in this group. And I’m a REAL person so I’m like ok, cool lets see whats up. I gained a ton of knowledge from this group on every end of the spectrum.

-I learned I was offending people by my wording (I changed it)

-I learned that I don’t have a full spread of the MAKE IT HAPPEN in one view on my product page. (I’m going to change that)

-I learned that I don’t NEED to be associated with a group of people (I am not saying this includes everyone in that group, but the ones I’ve had contact with today definitely fit) that are drama causing, mindless bullshit starting interactors. Wow I am embarrassed I entertained that much of my time learning about this group but I am grateful for the insight.

Here’s my summary:

I help people write out their PURPOSE and plan out time management as well as how to set and reach goals. If that doesn’t sound like something you are interested in, that is fine, I will not be mean to you, cruel to you or make undermining comments.

I am totally up for improvements, because I am always striving to be a better person.

I offer free purpose planning/ goal setting as an EXTRA for my less than $45 planner I sell. Because I invest in the people that support me and my family. So, when I say that I will help you the best way I can, I mean it. Please don’t take that as I am a life coach and I don’t know how to market my product.

Now I want to know, what is your purpose?

How are you going to hold your accountability high for living that purpose?

“Imagine a world where everyone focused on the good rather than the bad. Let’s be that world!”

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