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Living on [PURPOSE] has meant everything to me this week. I hope everyone finds the strength they need to do the same. I’ve had a very productive week, which isn’t out of the ordinary.

I hired 3 sales reps to promote [PURPOSE] and spread the word of the MAKE IT HAPPEN planner, that supports my career PURPOSE of creating a Worldwide empire of good, real people. My family and I made handmade Christmas cards and mailed to a children’s hospital in St. Paul to promote my family PURPOSE of leading by example. I assisted 2 people this week in starting their own businesses, setting up everything with the IRS and State licensures, tied in with my overall PURPOSE of helping people in a smart way that will last for them. I wrote gratitude cards for some deserving people, society PURPOSE of being grateful. I finally got on my yoga mat and shook some fat to support my personal PURPOSE of maintaining good health for a lifetime. I checked in with an old friend who is going through some shit right now, hopefully she’s visiting me at work tomorrow, so I can get her started on a MAKE IT HAPPEN planner and go through my breakup (relationship) pages with the a5. That one ties into about each and every one of my PURPOSES. Every day I live on PURPOSE. I don’t need validation from a single person to feel fulfilled.

I’m not writing this to brag. I don’t brag. Because beautiful things do not ask for attention. I am beautiful, my life is beautiful and it’s because my PURPOSE IS AMAZING. I get off track, not as much as I used to, but I am far from “perfect.” I am, however, perfect for myself. I know what I’m about and what I stand for as a person. I value my character and act accordingly. Last night I heard some crazy untrue things about myself that I immediately laughed off, but in true KB fashion had to approach the situation to prevent it from continuing, and the end result was basically, hopefully a miscommunication from someone who is trying to validate their own ridiculous actions. Because my "game" is much larger, I don't have space for that in my life. I live by PURPOSE and that doesn't align with any of it. Important people don’t have time for that. That supports my favorite part of my PURPOSE this week: Personal PURPOSE of surrounding myself with positive wonderful people and never being afraid to cut out toxicity. Byeeeee!

That’s all for now, I need to wrap Christmas presents for my fam, train a new employee in and rock out a few Christmas parties this weekend! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and starts brainstorming their own [PURPOSE]

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