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PURPOSE: Reason for your existence. Your intentions for life. Living legacy.


(Four Main Aspects)

Family… Live as tomorrow isn’t promised. Give enough love daily to last a lifetime. Never do “too” much for them. Live by as much fairness as possible. Lead by example. Give credit when it’s due. All be good and better people together. I hope Taithan wants to be like me as he grows. Promote and assist my dad in his businesses and help where I can. Never allow business to overrule love. Look back 2x monthly. Always have a structured PURPOSE with Taithan and make sure I’m contributing.

Personal… “Vacation” as much as possible. Ideally at least 4 “breaks” per year. Impact my life and the World by doing so. Wake up each morning excited about something. Maintain good health for a lifetime. Be surrounded by positive people. Never feel bad or hesitate to cut out toxicity. No negative thinking without problem solving. Maintain connection with important people. Never sell myself or my thoughts short. Always be open to spiritual growth, never blame anyone for something going bad… ask myself what it’s teaching me and how it’s making my “game” bigger.

Career… Always be approachable and improving. Create a life for my son and kids around us where it is odd to grow up without work ethic. Build a Worldwide empire of GOOD, REAL people. Help identify PURPOSE. Always ask for help and referrals. Never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t be willing to do. Work smarter instead of harder (Brainstorm more). Make time for

employees and clients and grow together.

Society/ Faith… Help people in a smart way that will last and continue to improve their lives or work their way out of negative situations. Always believe in something greater than ourselves and have faith. Believe that most people are good. Be grateful and express it. Believe that everything has something to teach me. Raise contributing members of society and always be one.

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