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Sometimes Negative People Teach You the Exact Way You Don't Want To Be.

Your childhood wasn’t ideal.

Now adult relationships are somewhat a struggle and you have no idea what kind of parent you are aiming to be?

We got you.


I have been thinking about how two kids can have the same parents and one prospers positively, while the other takes on their parents habits and lifestyle. Why is it that sometimes negative people teach you the exact way you don't want to be? And sometimes we follow their paths? It's mindset and having someone interact with them in a positive way. Maybe they didn't come out and say, hey the way you've been brought up isn't ok, but they definitely showed them how much of an impact a balanced family life can have. And that kid is pushing for that. Kid A. is not going to let negative people influence him in a bad way. He's going to let NEGATIVE people influence him in a POSITIVE way! Allowing them to teach him exactly how he DOES NOT want to be. If there isn't anyone making an impact for kid B., he follows what he knows.

I have been thinking for YEARS on this subject and what defines the kids who make good out of a bad situation and those who continue the downward spiral. I’ve been trying to figure out why some people are just assholes to the people they supposedly love and care about, but, yet they’d give the shirt off their back for you.

PURPOSE. Those people don’t have balance. They never wrote out their 4 aspects to life and made promises to themselves and others. They are one track mind to something (whatever they obsess over) because they think that’s the most important thing. BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T ever had balance or wanted to open their mind to it. Do I think I’m going to change minds? Yeah. Half of them? Nope. Because these people have evolved on their one track minds in the other direction. They would truly need to want to change. Almost feel a NEED to change. It’s been said the minimum time frame to form a habit is 21 days, but the typical time to morph bad habits into good ones is 66 days.

What can you do? Share [PURPOSE] with them. It’s worth a shot.

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