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NEW BRAND: tentree

Mission: Started!

Important Stuff Stays is dedicated to [PURPOSE] and every aspect in it. We are finally carrying one of my favorite brands, tentree. And not only in womens but we have MENS PRODUCT available, finally! Tentree's goal is to become the most progressive brand on the planet. Preventing negative impact by using sustainable products such as hemp, organic cotton, cork, coconut buttons, recycled polyester, and my fav: tencel lyocell. A little bit about tencel lyocell below:

The material comes from eucalyptus trees, which are fast growing, require no pesticides or insecticides, and need 1/5th of the land to make the same amount of fabric as cotton. The yarn manufacturing process is fueled by 100% renewable energy and uses 80% less water than conventional fibers.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE BEST PART! Tentree has over 20 projects in more than 10 countries to plant 10 trees for every single purchase made. Important Stuff Stays has planted 2000 trees, and I need your help!

Tentree's [PURPOSE] is to revitalize our environment and inspire a generation to believe they can do the same.

So, here we are, contributing to our SOCIETY PURPOSE, planting trees and using sustainable fabrics.

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