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10 Things to ask for this Christmas.

  1. Everyone to think about their intentions for life and align accordingly.

  2. People to shut their damn mouths if they don’t know what they’re talking about or contributing to a higher vibe.

  3. Do not exceed speed limit when driving past my house.

  4. Support small businesses, it literally changes our world.

  5. Be happy for other people, regardless of your own setbacks. We’re all trying.

  6. KILL SELF 1: ego and judgement. Live on SELF 2: facts and reality.

  7. Progress over Perfection every single time.

  8. Always be open to spiritual growth, don’t knock the power of energy healing until you try it and can say it didn’t improve your thoughts or your life in some way.

  9. Try your best. Smile, Act like you want to be here. Put in effort in everything we do.

  10. Help other people, for no other reason than to be a good human and contribute to society.

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