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Put A Little PURPOSE Under The Tree

I have seen this meme: All I want for Christmas is PURPOSE."Duh. But really, people do a quick think of "Purpose" like wouldn't it be cool if...

When in reality, it's very easy. It really comes down to making promises to your life. DO it. Be that person, start today and help others do the same thing. Trust me, once you start living on purpose, it becomes 2nd nature to talk about it to your friends and if they aren't having it then they a. aren't ready, they have swirling thoughts holding them back and they need their bars ran. They need to be healed. or b. aren't your people.

I'm tired of being scared and feeling pushy. I am ME. I never water myself down for anyone. That's part of my purpose *See guys, as long as you write it down and revisit it, ITS GONNA HAPPEN. No matter how uncomfortable it feels at the time. Maybe even a month later, still may feel uncomfortable but it's speaking to you.

I saw another meme today, "always have a goal that gets you out of bed in the morning" or something like that... Goals are great-but they are constantly changing. What you need is PURPOSE, and in that purpose, you need to have "wake up each day excited about something!" THAT gets you out of bed in the morning, that gets you on page for your bedtime, that gets you fueling your family with a healthy lifestyle. PURPOSE gets you back on track. PURPOSE is your bible YOU write for YOURSELF. Own it. I don't care if you believe in god, or santa claus, or WHO THE FUCK YOU BELIEVE IN. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST. Stop with the ego/ judgement- on yourself and other people. fucking do it. make promises. live this life you were given. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. NEW YEAR, DO IT.

Oh yeah- and as most of you know, I don't like discounting my planners, because they are likely the most valuable tangible item you can buy. But i will do free shipping. On all of them.

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