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Be Happy.

Stay true to you. Even if you don’t know who that is yet.

So, you know you are generally a spark of light, a go getter and a leader. You totally feel in your bones that you are so very special, especially when you’re around empowering peeps. You had a bad breakup, and your empath nature has you down on your knees some days, knowing you need to get up and rise- but you are scared. You’re scared of loving and losing, you’re scared of learning and failing. You’re scared you are going to be the pieces of your parents that you vowed to never be.

I am here to tell you: FEAR HAS NO PLACE IN YOUR LIFE. All you need to do is make promises to your life that you feel with your whole soul. No more putting limits on your power. No more backing away when you are uncertain in your mind—when you know for sure in your gut. Let your intuition win every single time.

I would recommend to give enough love every day to last a lifetime. Put out into the world what you want to receive. Give the love you want to feel, but only to the people who are worth your energy, and worthy of your love. I’m not saying be a dick, but, just don’t “be” around the people who suck. We’ve been brainwashed for generations to defend ourselves against their bullshit- when in our own true reality, they are the last people that deserve our energy. We only have so much of it, stop wasting it on dinks.

Set boundaries- simple ones. Someone doesn’t show you that you mean a thing to them? Stop trying to be present for them. Walk-the-F-Away. Silently. As effortlessly as possible because they deserve nothing from you.

Be approachable and always improving. Keep that space for possibility. Hey, energy saver- you are abundant. Be ready for opportunity.

I would recommend to stay true to you and absolutely never let anyone dim that sparkle. You’re contagious and in a good way. You know damn well you have a lot of offerings to the world- so stop keeping them all to yourself. Put your own twist on leadership and let your gut show you the way.

Make a promise to yourself to dig deeper into your purpose. The pieces of you that makes you who you are. The promises to your whole life that is your roadmap. That’s how you know you’re “doing it right,” as long as you are doing it YOUR WAY, you’re doing it right.

Stop being surfacy. I made that word up, but it is warranted. Be AUTHENTIC, the world needs your differences. Be GENUINE, and be YOURSELF. Be who “feels good.” Don’t assume people know the details when trying to get your point across, communicate effectively but truthfully. Your throat chakra deserves that.

This blog post dedicated to "M" You are a beautiful, deserving soul.

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