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First Quarter, And ACTION... and Obstacles.

Waxing First Quarter(THIRD): ACTION MOON. Hopefully you just set intentions with the new moon and formed a master plan during the waxing crescent. Now it’s time to elaborate on that plan and put it into motion. This is where “im not usually a list maker, or a planner person” comes into play. Write it down. Don’t try to play it out in your head- because when you come back to it, from doing something else- you won’t know exactly where you left off. The first quarter is the “action and resistance moon,” yuck. It’s hard at first.

You have obstacles with anything. This moon is the time they come out of the woodwork. Always trust your gut but have a plan b. Tap into your PURPOSE promise of 1. No negative thinking without problem solving. And 2. Work smarter, not harder. You got this. Sprinkle in a little 3. Approachable and always improving on this moon too.

Remember: it’s important to act out those intentions- so get some stuff done and feel accomplished. Celebrate yourself and your loved ones, and work together for a main goal. Relationships may feel a little tense too. Remember to love hard today. See things from their point of view and accurately represent yours, while balancing silence and speech.

Please remember: we are working together towards the full moon. It's important to live by each phase so we are not absolutely crazy and pissed off during the full moon when intentions are SUPA HIGH. Let's harvest that full moon together instead of be at each other's throats- eh?!

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1 Comment

Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
Sep 23, 2020

Another great read full of intention and guidance. Thank you! 🧡🌕🖤

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