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Full Moon in Sagittarius

The land of the deep truth, abundance, and need for extremes. Compassionate and learning.

What I mean is this: you will be pulled to do something, if you do it, or start it- you're on the right path. If you keep putting it off, it will, infact, blow the fuck up and you'll regret wasting time on it/not following through sooner. Try to stay as open a

s you can, AKA energy healing, learning about energy, whatever it takes, to be able to listen to your heart and your gut instinct, and have the balls to act on it.

For example... my blog posts... I put them off and never finish or publish them. So, I figured what better time than the present to get rollin' on opening this throat chakra of mine to enlighten the World on what is happening, why they're feeling such intense emotions and how to best handle it. I can also think of a client who keeps pushing and pushing herself and knows she needs to release

It's easy today, because today, everyone's feeling my Sag energy. Tomorrow everyone's going to be gracious, but it's important to be creatively gracious, thankful, and appreciative. OR, they are going to flip into resentment, hatred and anger. Depending on what they've done from New Moon to Full. This isn't a regular Full Moon. Its times a kazillion on the energy circuit. Thankfully I have been living with the moon for a while now, and I got a chance to have a complete breakdown during the last waning moon and I grasped this new moon with all I had, and then some. *Got my fam on board.

Heres how it goes down:

Full Moon- Harvest (or freak the fuck out)

Waning Gibbous- Gratitude (or resentment...)

Last Quarter- Let Go (or feel completely ran dry of energy)

Waning Crescent- Surrender (or feel like your worthless and going crazy)

New Moon- New Ideas (or no change, no growth)

Waxing Crescent- Plan for those Ideas (or you'll never get to fruition)

First Quarter- ACTION! (my fav and probably yours too)

Waxing Gibbous- Refine (hiccups will come up... need to accentuate on what's working/feels good & accelerate, or trust process)

Each Moon Phase corresponds with one of my DIRECTIONAL Methods. Crazy huh. I just listened to my intuition and did my thing so long, that I rewrote the moon's phases, without knowing about the Moon's phases and they had a meaning to our lives.

My A5 Planners come with wet erase pages to plug in your life and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Also, The Rise & Rise Again Planner comes with a Moon Phase guide to be ready. I suggest monthly plan sessions with gratitude and reflection upon your Purpose. It helps a LOT. Before you try to make sense of all of this, go to your local energy healer and get release. MAKE SPACE to encompass your abilities. Giddy up.

The transformation time is NOW. I know you're feeling it. I know you're being pulled to it. Just do it already.

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