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Inventory These 5 Things Weekly

Plan & Take Inventory on these things weekly and see your frequency rise.

Your energy- where you are putting it and how much you feel you have. What is this next week going to look like for you? Don’t forget to bring the Moon’s Phases into account for how you’ve been feeling/ how you will feel. New tasks, big projects, adventuring and extrovertedness is for the WAXING Moon, and decluttering, resting and coming inward is for the WANING Moon. Celebrations on FULL & NEW Moons! A monthly Mind & Body Reset along with living on Purpose daily will help inventory your energy in a more streamlined way. (You’re doing this inventory in your Make It Happen Planner, right?!)

Your friends/family- where are you being pulled that doesn’t feel good? What would you like to do to spend quality time with them this week? Where would you like to ask for help this week? Give it? Who needs you in your life this week? Sometimes a quick, short text or call can mean the world (probably to both of you).

Your food- inventory what you’ve got in the fridge, freezer, and pantry every week before meal prepping and meal planning. More, now that ever, we need to be conscious of unnecessary waste. I’m sure you can turn that left over tomato soup into something! Always inventory before spending more at the store. Feel good about what you are eating this week and fueling your family with!

Habits- have you been contributing to your health in a dedicated way or being lazy for like 4 months now? Has your “transitional phase” after that breakup been taking up too much space in your life? How have you been sleeping this week? Are those 2 glasses a wine a week turning into a nightly thing? Anything you’ve been crutching on, take a break from. Even “good habits” that have become obsessive. Everything with moderation.

Kindness & Gratitude- what is there to be thankful for this week?! (I’ll tell you mine: my health, my ability, this house keeping me safe and cool, my family and my friends, the opportunity to live free without limits!)

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