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Just for today, do not worry.

It's so mindless to get distracted with what society wants our problems to be.

Today, let us take a step back and ask ourselves...

What is worth the worry that we cannot work to change.

Allow us believe we are all connected and pray for a higher good, a brighter light and a feeling of euphoria. This is it, this is today. What is so wrong with today? We are well. We are nourished and we have love.

Today, let us replace being taken for granted or taking for granted with GRATITUDE. Accept it, give it.

Give someone a heart to heart hug today. Be kind, celebrate your life.

I just felt myself falling to a darker low. I was revisiting last year's revenue this week with the current year. I have sold $8000 less in planners for the New Year than last year. This year I have a store front, I have quit my full time job that has given life to my business. As a PURPOSE crusader, obviously I did the shadow work, I looked at the facts and reality of the situation...

-2020 blah blah blah, people don't need planners because they don't have a life- DUMB. doesn't belong to me.

-People still think my planners are just PLANNERS. Here's where I need to do the work of explaining what PURPOSE can do for everyone and how much of an impact it makes with very little effort. (another day)

Here's what I care about: I listened to my son tell me his woes last night during prayer. He was upset I didn't give him a hug before school. I drove my kids to school this morning and gave them BOTH heart to heart hugs. A habit I've been trying to form for a couple months, and they noticed. Living on PURPOSE is really great. I am thankful. I am blessed. I am rich.

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