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Last day to release.

Tomorrow is the NEW MOON! You won't be able to grasp the abundance if you're still fucked from last months' bologna. Let's ask ourselves some questions:

Where are your holding energy that doesn't serve you? Could be anything from not finishing a task at work that you keep putting off, but internally it's on your mind and running your energy. It could be hold backs from your childhood- the way a parent has treated you your whole life and you're finally putting your finger on it and deciding it doesn't have a place in your life anymore.

When was the last time you rested and took time for yourself? A quiet cup of tea in an epsom bath? A day off work. The realization that life is for living, however you see fit and you don't need to work yourself to a mind pulp. A friend of mine just took herself on a date for coffee & flowers. Stop waiting for someone else to treat you and do it yourself. Put YOU on the top of your list.

Limitations on not being good enough or able to do a certain thing that you feel in your gut and heart you want to do!? Remember- creation and expression equals power. Give some love to your PURPOSE chakra. Your solar plexus.

Brain fog and sore body? Maybe you need a Mind & Body reset. We as a society tend to "self care" on the outside, when indeed it should start internally. Shadow work- WHY are you harboring negative thoughts and what can you release to get rid of it?! What are you contributing to the unhappiness in your heart? Remember: no negative thinking without problem solving. Control what you can and release what you can't. We only have so much energy, just like money- you wouldn't spend it on irrelevant things that don't matter to you, so why are you putting your energy where it's not worth anything?

Messy space? Take an hour and tidy it up! Or hire someone to. Nourish your home. You need a safe space to relax.

Get ready for the abundance that is about to happen. Cozy up and meditate, listen to a song and sing it out!

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