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Last Quarter-Waning Crescent Shift

Typically the first few days of the last quarter moon aren't so tough, but when you get into that shift from last quarter to waning crescent, things can get pretty sketchy. Last quarter is a release. Time to rid yourself of shitty connections, a messy house (or car, cough cough), or even rid yourself of procrastination and just push through what you have been holding out on. That ones my favorite, because although the waning phases after the full moon are not action phases per say, you can let go of hold back to DO THE DAMN THING.

Next comes energy. I always tell my clients, happiness and sadness are equals in your life. Its true, although we may prefer to be happy all the time, sadness has it's place. If we were never sad, we would never grow. It is in sadness that perspectives come out, trouble shooting, the real plans are brewed from sadness. This is can be a sad moon for me, especially when i am not living by the moon each day or every couple. The moon ALWAYS catches up with you. That's why it's important to do the things the moons energy is pushing you to do in the moment, things will seem so much easier. The shift from last quarter to waning crescent can be so powerful because basically you'll be stuck somewhere between letting go, release, forgiveness AND being alone, resting, recuperating... eeek. It is much easier to let go, ease grudges or cut connections in the beginning days of last quarter vs. end because it's a lot to do together, the being alone, rest, surrender while cutting out what isn't serving you- and you will feel like nothing in the World is right. Do NOT over commit yourself this week. Take your time, on YOUR time. Don't push yourself to be a social butterfly or take on too much. And try not to flip out on those people who tell you to "smile." Ahhh that's the worst.

Trust me- once you start living on PURPOSE by the MOON, things become unreal, in the best way possible.

Things you may want to do during todays phase:

  1. Say NO. Don't push yourself to do anything you don't care to do, if you don't have to. If it feels good, heck yes- do it, but if not, "na dude."

  2. Take some time. Lay down, put your feet up and just be. Palms up. Big breaths.

  3. Mind & Body Reset. You won't have a choice but to let go of what doesn't belong to you.

  4. Do not blame anyone. Take responsibility for the things YOU want to let go of, whether it be thoughts, feelings, physical things, whatever it is- you have to be in control of yourself. You can't make someone live by the moon with you, do you boo. This phase can feel sticky. Clean it up on your own.

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