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Let Go To Make Space

Today marks the July Last Quarter Moon, and I know you're feeling tired, exhausted and touch of hopeless if you're not actually listening to GMA Moon. Trust takes more energy during this moon, you may fee like you're having a setback in standing up for yourself. Slow down, do some grounding. Remember that fear has no place in your life. Soak your feet in a salt or dab some essential oils such as patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh or vetiver on your feet or ankles.

Remember you are safe. You're secure, you manifest your basic needs and beyond. Breathwork from beyond toes to crown, nice and slow- conscious and exhale out of your mouth, pushing out yuck that's not yours. Trust. You are supported and you're safe to be yourself. Ground down to rise up.

Crystals to keep with you- red jasper, hematite, ruby, garnet, obsidian, black tourmaline. Hold in your palm, do your breathwork and feel the frequency. Imagine it going to your core and shining on from there. Let your frequency radiate naturally and don't stress out too much about DOING things.

When a "letting go" moon falls on a Holiday weekend, it can be a little tricky to actually LET GO. My advice: sit this one out, don't force yourself to be "people-y" and especially around your family that you feel gross around, make this Independence Day an intimate one and allow whatever feels good to flow into your space but don't force it. Forgive yourself, forgive others. It's not your job to be the glue that sticks everything together, it's not your responsibility to show face, it's your responsibility to be authentically happy and release that which doesn't feel good for you.

My plans this weekend include no plans at all. Hoping I can catch some fireworks while floating in the pool, looking up at the fading moon with my son.

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