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New Moon... In Cancer

What that means: Cancer brings up emotions and sensitivity. Also known for hanging onto past experiences, relationships and memories.

Add some fresh insight and purpose to that and we have some promises to make. If you’re in the Midwest, like myself, you’re going to want to make a promise to yourself to hold onto these feelings of summer- where the livin’s easy!

No kids to take to school, you have vitamin D at your disposal and the days are longer. It’s easy to connect with your loved ones because everyone’s up for something! There’s an abundance of life and beauty everywhere.

Here are my July New Moon promises…

1. Don't over schedule (for myself and for my children, as the fall and winter come in on us) 2. Fully utilize waxing moon phases and step back on the waning moon. 3. Create space in my windows for my plants to flourish throughout the winter. 4. Pre plan dates with pals (Nowak Tuesday for the next 6 months.. not necessarily the where, but block off my schedule for the when) 5. Meditation and Purpose sessions with my family on releasing and growing. Staying in touch with their mental space. 6. Sunrise & Sunset walks to invigorate and reflect. 7. Around the house to-do list 8. Monthly group classes, workshops or retreat, one month new moon, next month full moon, and so on. 9. Accentuate on minimalism to my best ability. 10. Protect my energy to be the person that God needs me to be for the world. 11. Stay open and aligned.

You know what the best thing to do during this moon is?!


Live in the Present

No more: “when I’m skinny” “when I’m rich” “when I have better hair” “when the kids are grown”

Get rid of that shit and LIVE!!!

Feel free to record yours here as well! Make sure you plug them into your planner! Happy Summer to you ALL and Thank you for your participation throughout this journey, thank you for investing in yourselves to contribute to a high frequency life.

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