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New Year, Polished up ME.

December 31, 2020. The end of an era, the beginning of opportunity. Waning Gibbous Moon. Let Go, Release, Make Space.

What are you going to do to ring in the new year? 2020 has been labeled the worst year ever- by the media and everyone else who is so blocked they wouldn’t know their head from their assholes. 2020 has been great to me and a lot of people in my life. When we’re forced to stay at home, we make the most out of it and create opportunity for LOVE, PEACE and LIGHT. Our impact on our family is greater because of the added time we get with them. We’ve definitely had the chance to flex our “no negative thinking without problem solving” PURPOSE promise and it’s been beautiful. Sometimes when we’re growing, it feels like we are breaking. What is really happening is we are breaking habits. Breaking generational curses and breaking FREE.

Instead of going out to eat, spending $100 on a meal, wearing a cute outfit that we’re freezing our asses off in, and getting blitzed, let’s actually do something to cleanse 2020 out and be open to everything 2021 has in store for us.

Here are my plans:

Massage after work, then Foot Detox, Release the tension and toxins I’ve been holding in.

Drink some tea- earl gray, chamomile, rose, raspberry, and CBD tea for love and comfort and wellbeing.

Go out in the woods and pick up some birch wood to place at our entry points to our home and my office for protection.

(This whole week) I am writing down every single thing I’m going to rid myself of this year. So far here’s what I have:



Society’s bullshit

Political fuckery

Low vibing situations and people

Hold backs

Past relationship problems

The list goes on…

Then- I’m going to burn it. Along with a bunch of cardboard and wood that’s no use for us on our new homestead.

At 11:50 I’m going to open my doors and windows and smudge every space in my home, smudge myself and my honey. We are going to write down our intentions for the year ahead in a vision spread. Two blank pages in our planners that say Have, Be, Do.

What we want to HAVE

Who we have to BE or What we have to DO to get there. And then, we’re going to live every day in alignment with those spreads. Waning gibbous isn’t really the moon phase for new intentions, but we will see what we come up with. It’s nice to at least have a blue print for when the ideas do come rolling in...

We’re going to dance in our kitchen and eat hor d’eouvres Every year following this one, we are going to do the same thing and polish it up each time, for the rest of our “new” years.

Every cell in our body is healed. Our past is over. Our inner beings are being filled with love, light and intention. This is our rebirth. Manifest it.

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1 Comment

Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
Dec 30, 2020

💯 Yes! I'm doing some similar things and feeling similar vibes. It's been a good year of learning, exploration, growth, courage and bravery. Thanks for always putting your vulnerable, genuine and raw, honest self out into the universe. Have an awesome new year!

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