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Nowak Tuesdays.

10 Years ago when I started living by PURPOSE it was no where near as in depth as it means to me today. My personal purpose said "always make time for the Nowaks, Johnsons, Hellands, and my boys." Those are all VIPS in my life to this day. Let me tell you a little about the "Nowaks..."

We met 15 years ago and became fast friends *well besides Britany, who hated me because she thought I was taking her sisters away. After we all became best friends, we became family. From partying and floating the river to farmers markets and sunday family dinners. I had a new family who welcomed me with open arms to any affair. We had our own music, we did our own thing with really no regard to what other people though of us.

FIFTEEN years we've been friends and had our ups and downs like any. Most of us have our own families of course we don't spend nearly as much time together as we should. One thing that remains the same, is if I am in need of some love or quality time, they always include me like I was never gone. As I do and would any day of the week. I would do anything for the people I love. We had an arranged time to be together, "Nowak Tuesdays," the first Tuesday of the month, every month. That has since gone by the wayside.

True friends make time for one another. They support and encourage each other, and call you out when you are being an idiot. Even their parents call you out on your bullshit. If you have a day off and nothing to do, they invite you on the boat or to their home to do nothing but be together. When you start a business they are the first that support you. When you leave a marriage they are the first to tell you, THANK GOD. When their Grandpa dies, they text you right away.

Grandpa Gary died last week. He's not a regular Grandpa, he is a legend. He was writing a book, loved his wife and adored his family and anyone they brought into it. My girls left me on a Nowak Tuesday a couple years ago, sent pics from Florida and they picked me up at the airport the next day. Grandpa Gary and Grandma Sue were happy to have me in their little apartment, what's one more grandkid when they've already got 4 there, right?! They are the type that is so full of love you can't help but feel their "frequencies" and hope to be as blessed one day. Spending time with their family makes you feel so lucky and understand what's important in life. They wrote the book, we're just living it.

I am so gracious to be a part of their lives. I am so happy to have genuine friends that will never let me go, no matter how much time passes. Today I realized that we are becoming Grandpa Gary and Grandma Sue. It's NOW our job to create mentorships with our kids and relationships with our kids friends and everyone we surround ourselves with. Love, Light and Peace is what the World needs, if even in our small circles. You can bet your ass I'm adding that to my PURPOSE and I'll be living by it.

Let's bring back Nowak Tuesdays.

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