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Decembers Waning Gibbous: #POWERMOON #waninggibbous #decembermoons

I recently wrote in my group, a small excerpt about the Moon on this week’s phase. Letting go of TOXIC relationships and broadening or awaking your spirituality. DUDE, it’s for real. I am more connected to this moon than any other moon because it was a December moon that I was born under. And I can feel it immensely.

Each of my clients this week let go of toxic relationships. One knew she needed to, another didn’t “let go of the relationship,” per say, she let go of the toxic hold backs and limitations that were growing in it. Another is about to have the awakening of her life. She let go of the poison of feeling the need to make her parents proud and allowing sibling rivalry control her life. In turn, she got rid of the feelings of needing to be everything for other people, and ready to embrace her life for herself. Imagine the most divine angel getting her wings. That’s what’s happening here.

Somehow we allow the outside world to shape our insides. We tend to let our brain and mind overrule our intuition, our heart and our gut. I call it a huge distraction. Pretty soon, we numb our genuine authentic selves and roll with society, adding only a little dusting of our sparkle to our lives, when in fact, we should be treating our sparkle like dynamite. That’s where PURPOSE comes in.

There is nothing more empowering and there is not a larger “ah ha!” moment that investing promises to your life and NOT being flexible on some things. Writing your own bible leads you down the path in the map you have written yourself. Living by the moon purely as your “timeline” helps.

I just had my first master class on Sunday, under the full moon. The catch? It was VIRTUAL. My first real distance healing project and I passed an attunement to the DISTANCE ENERGY HEALER OF ALL ENERGY HEALERS. It was pure magic. Time and Space are not real when you are working with energy. I’ll give you something to ponder: she is an hour ahead of me on time. I zoomed her, I could feel her energy immediately. I went through my class and finally gave her an attunement as if she was sitting in my chair. I drew symbols on her hands, I opened her crown and her aura, allowed the reiki energy to pass through her and I felt and saw it lift her right up and take her out of the chair. IT WAS LIT. Literally. I knew I wanted to schedule it for a full moon, because that is a time to harvest. Harvest what I’ve been working so hard to attain. It was beautiful and basically unexplainable. Anyone who’s had healing done with me knows exactly what I am talking about. But it’s times a megatron.

My clients this week have helped me realize that I let go of something toxic this week as well, all while opening myself to another portal of spiritual growth. *THAT IS WHAT THIS MOON IS ALL ABOUT. I released my poisonous limitations of doing only face to face healing and it feels so good. I am so gracious for everyone who has led me to the point in my passion that I love and I am excited to wakeup each day for new experiences on my journey.

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Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
Dec 06, 2020

Bravo! 💜 Keep evolving and putting that healing energy to your purpose. Love this!

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