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RealLife: Chakras in Quarantine

Quarantine FUCKED me up.

I am 100% great with social distancing and negative 50% with not being able to do my daily things with my people. It hurt me a lot. And then my solar plexus chakra got blocked. Of course, because I wasn’t living my true purpose or able to do the things I do when I dig deeper into myself (healing others, just doing what I do).

I mean, don’t get me wrong- we are in the middle of moving, no internet or tv, I have 2 boys that think it’s HILARIOUS to get me riled up. We are purchasing a home and the sellers let us move in before closing, we just paid a month of rent, but now the closing is taking FOREVER, so I’m getting nervous, of course. All contributing factors of being “fucked.”

House thing: ROOT CHAKRA, stability and feeling grounded. Got me feeling like I don’t trust anyone, and my basic needs aren’t being met- instability. Its derived from a “fear of living and guilt” in a way. I am also feeling “alienated, and ganged up on” by my kids and even my fiancé because of my own energy block.

What I must do: Tell myself, “I am safe. I am secure- I always manifest my basic needs, I got this. We are doing fine.” Then: BELIEVE IT. Keep saying it pair with a smudge or healing hands on myself, and repeat the intentions until it’s a part of my aura. I am grounded. I am stable. I have purpose.

This whole thing had caused a gray area in our relationship as well- like ok, now we are on lockdown and can’t do this or that, we are scared as fuck because we don’t want to get other people sick, we don’t know if we are going to end up in the hospital on a ventilator, we just don’t know what’s up. It’s a waiting game. Let me share something with you guys: I am NOT afraid of change, but NEWNESS in an area makes it difficult for me to be at peace with those feelings/whatever is going on, and it takes me a bit to accurately express it. WHICH FUCKS UP MY SACRAL PLEXUS. Then I’m dealing with difficulty to express my feelings, feelings of resentment, just disgusting things that no one wants.

What I SHOULD HAVE DONE: “I am able to express my feelings. I have a healthy relationship with all things and I live in abundance. I am sexually healthy”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Guys. You don’t KNOW what’s going on in the moment, you have to chill out and relax for things to start making sense- and go from there. I am a very sound, strong energy healer- I can literally help ANYONE willing to open up, and I get fucked up from time to time. NO ONE IS PERFECT. NO one is ZEN AF all the time. I could go on and on and on about this, but I wanted to just put something together, quick to read- to show WHY CHAKRAS are important and how they affect your entire being. Also, I really just needed to puke out my feelings of quarantine to make space as well. Thanks for listening! Happy Saturday.

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1 Comment

Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
Nov 14, 2020

Keep to your courageous, raw honestly and awareness of self and continue to manifest your purpose and light. It is inspiring. 💜 You can heal yourself as much as you can others with such acute lessons. Remember all the tough, heartbreaking things you've been through? You are resilient and if you can make it through those, know you will land on your feet exactly when and where you're meant.

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