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Sagittarius Season is upon us...

Are you ready to feel like you can accomplish anything? Now's the time. First, we will let go- close out chapters that aren't doin' it for us anymore, and maybe never have. Courage and Freedom set the tone for us today til December 21st.

November 26- December 18th will be extremely prosperous as long as we all channel our inner archer. Being direct, abundant and fearless is working for you this month. We will be ridding the energy that has been holding us back- giving us the ability to make space for things that will! We are currently on a gratitude moon, moving to release around the 27th to surrender next week Monday. Although the week of November 29- Dec 4 will be surrendering and resting, it will likely be very beneficial to shed the weight of the energies limiting you. New Moon is Saturday, December 4th- be hesitant to really channel that until the following day after the eclipse. I would suggest making Moon Water on the 3rd or the 4th but really nothing else New Moonish until Sunday.

A few things to note: December 4th, although she's a New Moon, we will also be in a total solar eclipse and you will want to do all the healing you can from now until then to avoid word vomiting, causing permanent destruction between you and something you may be working towards. As the Moon is growing and giving you the energy to create whatever you desire, December 5th through the 18th/19th, you will be direct and unstoppable, with truly no limitations. Schedule a plan sesh with your MAKE IT HAPPEN planner on the 5th or the 6th and stay in alignment with your plan.

This time will be great for travel or planning an adventure. Forget what you think you know of a new year. This is our new year energy! Sending my light and love to all, I cannot wait to hear of your growth this season.

Crystals: Amazonite, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Labradorite

Oils: Black Spruce (surrendering), Clary Sage (clarity), Ginger (alignment and action)

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