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Shine From The Inside Out

Keep Shining.

Make your own rules. I call that “writing purpose” and living by it. Decide that the outer has minimal influence on you. We all vibrate, we are all energy, and we must make a promise to our inner beings to be vibrant.

…but I work at a job that doesn’t care. Get a new job. You know that feeling you get when you are under appreciated and give out more than you receive? That’s your gut telling you that you are WORTH MORE. No one should work a job 30-50 waking hours a week that they hate. Look at the frequency, and don’t allow money to be your reason. MONEY was made to control us. Rise above. “Never allow work/business to overrule love.” Remember that you must love yourself before you love anyone else, even your children. If you don’t think that’s true, remember that you are “leading by example.”

…my friends are always bringing in drama. Be clear with them on your newly written or established promises. “No negative thinking without problem solving.” Seriously, don’t allow issues to come into your energy if the issuer doesn’t have a higher frequency to contribute. Schedule something FUN that doesn’t include alcohol or talking gossip to spend time with your pals. Get the body or brain moving up.

…my body hurts, I am miserable. “Maintain a healthy mind, body and soul for a lifetime.” Where can changes be made? Look at the energy of the food you’re eating. Eat more simple carbs (vegetables) and less complex (pasta). Aim for 75% veggies and 25% protein on that dinner plate. Drink GOOD water. At least half of the water you drink in a day should be alkaline water, and be weary of the chemicals in tap water, or even well water, especially if you suffer from inflammation, like 80% of the adult population today. Acid breeds inflammation. Sugar breeds disease. The average woman my size should only be consuming 25g of sugar in a whole day. There are 44g of sugar in a freaking can of soda. Sadly, most of the common drinks/food in society aren’t even REAL food or hydration. I think most of us are realizing that we cannot trust any outer source for our own health and wellbeing. Let’s remember: It’s not our responsibility to keep these trashy companies in business, it’s our responsibility to care for ourselves and our families. Move your body. If it’s extremely difficult, start by stretching or getting energy work to reduce the pain to be able. Sit in a sauna to empty your lymphatic system if you have problems moving to the point of sweating.

…I have kids, they are demanding and they need me. Remember: “your kids do not run your family.” By raising kids, you are raising contributing members of society. If you don’t allow your kids to grow independently, you’re creating all kids of future potential issues and I can promise they aren’t a good frequency. “lead by example.” “Show importance of work ethic and recheck every 6 months.” Here’s what your kids actually need: Quality Time. Physical Touch. Words of Affirmation. Acts of Service. Gifts (even if it’s clean food and a warm home.) Too much or little of any of these does not contribute to a greater world for your children. Too much or little of these distorts a reality of growth. Check out Gary Chapmans, “The Five Love Languages of Children” available on amazon for like $11.

…my childhood sucked. I don’t know how to be a responsible adult because I didn’t have a good example.” Forgive yourself and forgive your parents. If you feel the wrongdoing is intentional, it’s probably not. It’s most likely a cycle of the same or contributing behavior from their parents and their parents’ parents. If you know nothing about chakras, please learn this: you must filter it all through your heart. First, remember: “I love an accept myself. I love others and I’m genuine. I have compassion for myself and all things.” “I forgive, I hope, I love and I trust.” This is a whole lot easier to read than to do. Next time you are pissed or hurt about something, try this- filter it through your heart and do your part. When you feel how good it is to turn shit into love, you’ll want to do it with everything. Remember: don’t waste your energy on things that don’t align with you, that’s people too. Likelihood of anything changing with another person based on your healing is pretty non existent, but you have the power to change your frequency from your heart.

Let’s talk about that money listed above, it’s a low frequency (control). You know what a high frequency is? Love. Much like a paycheck with money, we don’t have unlimited energy in a week or a two week period. Let’s start an ENERGY savings ac

count, and really put something worthwhile on a pedestal. Release importance of money, focus on importance of ENERGY. You have all the power to improve your energy, your frequency- right inside of you. Raku. And so it is.

I love you. Thank you for reading.

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