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Sturgeon Moon's Waning Gibbous to Last Quarter

As most of you know by now, the Waning Gibbous is a time for gratitude and thankfulness. It's also moving into a time to release limitations that prevent abundance (Last Quarter). The primary focus on the Full Moon of last week is financial abundance.

Breathwork, Stretching or Meditation should be focused around thankfulness and celebration of financial growth you've endured. Possibly as simple as releasing the need to eat out for lunch everyday, and as potent as paying off all of your debt.

My activity for this was writing down different financial focused things I'm grateful for in my life to this point.

  • Ability to do what I love everyday

  • Freezer full of food

  • Right and Left Brain balance

  • Savings Accounts as safety nets (releasing my anxiety of not having enough)

  • Releasing importance on the dollar

  • Improving gas mileage on my vehicle and my own patience by slowing down

  • My new job

  • Showing my son the importance of working hard and the value of a dollar

  • Minimizing overall spending

  • Sunrise walks to get me motivated for the day

I put them on post it notes behind my computer for my viewing pleasure and to add to. Another good idea is write them on note cards, punch holes in them and make a garland.

For the upcoming release moon (tomorrow and rest of the week), I invite you to release anxiety, stress, anger, fear and impatience blocking you from your own financial abundance.

An affirmation to start with for the sacral plexus is simply: "I am worthy of peace and abundance"

Repeat it until YOU believe it. As time moves on in our lives, we adopt other's beliefs on abundance and worthiness, both knowingly and unknowingly. Worthiness is your birthright and no one can take that away from you. In addition to that, repeat aloud, while holding your hands just above your belly button on your PURPOSE chakra... "My actions contribute to my highest purpose."

Write down everything that comes to mind while doing this, in the blank space on your weekly sheets of your planner. Where could you strengthen your actions in aligning to your highest financial abundance? What distractions must you avoid? What aren't you accepting as YOURS anymore? Repeat this tonight, and for the next week... releasing everything you can that is holding you back from gaining your financial freedom and peace.


RUB YOUR FEET when you get out of the shower.

Between your big toe and second toe- "I release all anxiety, stress and anger limiting me from financial abundance."

On the outer bone on your ankle- "I am focused and patient."

Below the outer bone on your ankle- "I am mentally clear on my purpose."

Rub your hands as you're washing them, release energy build up in your body.

Wrist- Root, "I release, I see a larger picture, I trust."

Center of Palm- "I do, I am able, I contribute."

Finger Tips- "I believe."

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