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Surrender with High Frequency

The "Surrender" Moon is one for retreating within. Avoid any crutches that prevent you from being your true self. Surrounding yourself with a lot of different or unmatched energies is absolutely exhausting while you are preparing for the New Moon.

What to do:

Grounding activities that make you feel secure and stable.

Barefoot in the garden.


Taking a bath with a beautiful blend of flowers, oils or herbs.

Hiking or Sunrise/Sunset walks



Sitting around a fire

Listening to music that speaks to your soul

Quality time with 1-2 close friends

Cleaning/Organizing your space

Comfortable Sunshine

Healthy Foods

Somatic Stretching/Yoga

What not do do:

Getting drunk

Smoking weed

Large groups/Parties you can't escape

Spending money frivolously

Big/Important decisions

Escaping your reality in any way

Acts of service for others- this is a time for YOU

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