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The Dash on Your Gravestone

When you get to the end what will people feel about you? What will you have contributed to, and done intentionally to promote a better world? It’s not an earth shattering fact that everyone dies. We get one chance to live, and living on purpose is the only way to do it. Stop existing and floating by without intention.

My grandpa died last night. Something in my gut told me to turn around 2 days ago on my way home and go see him. It was Taithan’s Christmas concert night, I wanted to invite him, but my car was a mess and I said he’d probably have a heart attack if he got in the thing. (I broke my promise of giving enough love every day to last a lifetime, I should’ve invited him, I was going to bring him manicotti leftovers too, and didn’t, because we were running late.)

He had the BEST Christmas tree anyone has ever seen. Literally hundreds of lights, perfectly placed, every year for like a gazillion years. Every year when November rolled around, I was ready to see and feel the light from Grandpa’s Tree. I asked Taithan, can we go see grandpa quick or are you too tired? Without hesitation he excitedly said YES! My kids loved visiting grandpa, and not just for the spice drops in the candy jar. They loved his soft carpet and how his house was so “old school.” They loved when I dropped them off there instead of making them run errands. I wanted to snap a pic of T and Grandpa in front of his famous tree, but of course Grandpa wasn’t wearing any pants (as per usual), he always had shorts on with long socks when he was inside. He was nestled in his chair and complaining of a burning in his lungs and throat. My kids have been sick with sore throats and coughs, and my stomach was burning too, so I thought nothing much of it.

My grandpa was a forest fire fighter for a long time, and my childhood heeds memories of smokey the bear, riding in the fire truck in the parade, and saving the environment. It’s because of my grandpa that I became a reseller for tentree, a company who plants ten trees for every purchase. I am happy to say that my grandpa helped plant over 2,000 trees throughout the world, in the past year, just by showing me the importance. He had a promise to his life’s purpose to lead by example, and he totally kicked ass at it. Part of my family and career purpose is to lead by example, and I know I’m doing right by raising contributing members of society by doing so. I believe I also got my inventive nature from my grandpa, who invented a fire hose for wildfires, but didn’t have enough money for a patent back in the day, so was unable to reap the monetary benefits from it. For this, I never sell myself or my thoughts short, part of my personal purpose.

My grandpa was proud of me. He let me know it every time I stopped to visit. He was astonished at how much I do and what great attitude I have about it. He was never judgmental and always encouraging, sometimes encouraging rest and taking it easy. I fucking love my grandpa and I am the person I am today with huge part of him. He always gave credit when it was due, which is also part of my purpose in various aspects.

My grandparents had the best love. The traditional love that everyone craves. On his forearm reads “Betty” in an olive branch. Well, it used to read “Betty,” but now it’s B??? blended together. My fingers read J H with a peace sign heart. I can’t wait until it reads blob blob heart. And everyday I am going to give all the love and understanding my heart has possible to Justin, because that is what I learned from my grandparents.

Thank you, Grandpa, for showing me the way to my purpose. This is what Important Stuff Stays means. This is what PURPOSE is. Living for reason, on PURPOSE. Making a difference in your own life and the people around you, knowingly or unknowingly.

I am sad, no doubt about it, but selfishly sad, and able to see that because of my own living on purpose. My grandpa had a hell of a life, made a lot of huge impacts on the world and on the people in the world. Death is a part of life and we need to see it for what it is. We need to live on facts and reality vs. ego and judgement. Better people, better World baby!

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