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Waning Gibbous

So we are moving from the Full Moon to the Waning Gibbous, and you probably feel it.

Physical Terms: After a full moon, the moon starts becoming less illuminated- waning toward the last quarter moon, then another new moon. This moon will have just a teeny beeny sliver out of it on the right side (the left side will look a little bigger)

One way I remember what moon path we are on is, if the right side is lit up the most: it's a waxing moon, working towards the FULL moon. Waxing is an energy moon, and as an energetic being, I call it my "right hand man, right hand moon."

Energetic Terms: The themes surrounding this moon are gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm.

We just experienced a full moon, so you'll (ideally- if you've worked through the previous moon phases to capitalize on a GOOD full moon) still be reaping the benefits of you hard work for the last 2 weeks. You'll feel abundant AF. Today you'll be feeling like you are exploding with love. You'll want to communicate that with your people, you'll want to give that love back into the universe — All of the sudden you'll be feeling like you NEED to tell your friend's family who took you in 15 years ago how much you appreciated that, and how thankful you are for your friend who's been supporting your business for the last year. You're going to want to write a "thank you" card to your place of employment 8 years ago, where you started to see the reasons you needed to grow and how thankful you are for that Doc you worked with who gently told you how toxic you actually were, who took your hand and lead you to growth.

SPENDING MONEY: yes, you will be prone to spending more money during this time. Gifts for peeps, light fixtures you've been wanting for your house, a new bomb outfit to look as great as you're feeling. Maybe you're feeling like going out to eat or splurging on dessert.

For me, as a small business owner- this is the time I feel like I want to give away the farm. I literally JUST gave away a ($45 piece) for $5. Because I know, in that dress she will grow. Her visions and limitations she's had for the last 20 years are going to be broken, and it's that dress that's going to do it.

Later Lovelies, Thank you for reading.

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Bethany Mayer
Bethany Mayer
03 sept 2020

Keep these coming! I enjoy reading these and learning about the mysterious energies. For me, identifying is finding my mindful intention. Harnessing and defining the energy that's clearly there that I'm feeling. Thank you for these! 💜

Me gusta
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