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Waning Gibbous (Gratitude Moon)

Today's still a gratitude moon, moving into a "let go or release moon" on Friday night/Sat am...


Give yourself 3 pieces of gratitude *words, prayer, symbols, crystals, whatever you'd like, then give 3 other people a piece of the pie for their contribution to a higher frequency this last month.

BOOM Frequency raised. Can we agree to do more of this, and not only on the Gratitude Moon?!


Me: I did a great thing and charged full price last week. I am way too giving and selling myself short and that's against my purpose.

Me: Got myself a $4.95 Rose Bouquet.

Me: Prayed hard and THANKED MYSELF for my growth and ability to rise.

Them: ^^^ Thanked GOD, my angels and spirit guides for the ability and the opptortunity.

Them: Thanked a special client for sharing her experience and helping so many people heal.

Them: Sent healing to a loved one. Thanked him for being open to heal. It's a process.

Them: Sent a post card to a beautiful lady who does a lot for her community!

Why is it so important to work with the moon? Because if you had a shitty Full Moon, today's going to be a RESENTMENT moon, and well- we don't want that! I caught myself falling into resentment early Tuesday as the moon shifted and immediately told myself: RAISE YA DAMN FREQUENCY, so I did and no one died, it was magical. Negativity breeds negativity and positivity does the same thing, so make the choice.

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