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Watch the Moon. Not the News.

I care way more about what’s going on with the moon than the news.

My clients hear me constantly saying: DIG DEEPER-DON’T BE SURFACY. But what I really mean is, pay attention to what the moon is pulling us to do. Today is a full moon, and everyone knows things are intense during this phase. Emotions are stronger than ever during a full moon. That can be a terrible feeling and it can be the most astonishing of vibrations. Because I have personally have had many full moons where I am pulled outside to see the physical light of the moon and yelled FUCK OFF to the moon because of the crazy feelings and happenings going on during it. But in reality, it’s all my fault. Any full moon that has been less than wonderful for me is because I wasn’t living by it’s phases leading up to it. I made a promise to myself while Justin and I were on vacation last winter. We were on vacation and I was having a negative full moon! It wasn’t fair to him and it didn’t feel good for me.

So let’s talk about digging deeper and the moon. There are actions you need to take during every phase.

Waning Gibbous: GRATITUDE.

We’ve just experienced a full moon, and now we’re moving to the waning phases. During all of the waning moons we need to reflect. During a waning gibbous, reflect using gratitude. Think of creative ways to say “Thank You” to everyone who’s helped you have the best full moon of your life this far. I am in the process of purchasing a home, so I am going to grab a healthy snack for the sellers and write my mortgage lender a thank you card.

Last Quarter: LET GO.

You will find it much easier to forgive during this phase. Take a long, internal listen to your gut and soul, and ask yourself who/ what you’re willing to forgive and let go during this phase. Release everything that doesn’t serve or belong to you, that for some reason you’ve been harboring. Purge yourself as best you can so you’ll be ready to make space and receive new intentions on the new moon.

Waning Crescent: SURRENDER.

You may be experiencing feelings of emptiness right now. That is normal, don’t get down on yourself for wanting to be alone and feeling the need to rest and relax. This is needed during the waning crescent. This is definitely not the time for your creative mind to sparkle, wait for the new moon.


Today is the day for your creative mind to be at work. You’ve made space to live in abundance, and that abundance comes from new ideas and game plans. START directional method is everything during the new moon. Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish and create for the next month and buckle up.

Waxing Crescent: GAME PLAN.

Your willpower is stronger than ever during the waxing crescent, but one small issue with this moon, it’s the moon of obstacles. Every problem that can come up for your new intentions will come up in the next few days, get your game face on and figure out how you are going to avoid those detours. Chin up, a better moon’s comin.

Waxing First Quarter: ACTION.

This is the magic moon. “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Literally, things seem so much easier during this moon as long as you’re keeping your eye on your prize. Whatever you’ve set to accomplish will be manifested during this phase so you can howl at that HARVEST FULL MOON. The directional method is GO! Use all that energy to act out your intentions.

Waxing Gibbous: REFINE.

Polish up. Let go of what’s not important to your intention, if it seems like a complete shit show and doesn’t feel good during the waxing gibbous—maybe just let it go. You’ll know if it’s serving you or not, so you’ll either be on the GO or, perhaps, the REVERSE. Listen to your intuition and trust in yourself.

Full Moon: HARVEST.

Emotions are high. This is the final event. So, did you have a good full moon or a bad one? Are you harvesting your intentions set during new moon, if so, great. If not, did they serve you? Time to let go? This is the time you are more apt to look internally for answers, or to celebrate. I hope you are celebrating the heck out of every full moon from here on out! Remember: If it’s a good full moon, charge your crystals. If not- don’t. Wait until a waxing phase that FEELS GOOD.

And these are the phases of our moon. Way better to watch and live by than the news. And don't get down on yourself if you missed the boat this time, there's a new moon every month😊

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Karlee Bertrang
Karlee Bertrang
Oct 02, 2020

My pleasure! Better people means a better world baby!


Thank you! This is a great guide and explanation of the moon phrases.

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