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Faith and Wellbeing to those who work towards it. Winter for us in the Northern Hemisphere and SUMMER for those in the Southern. I am in WISCONSIN and I am going to give you a breakdown of what Winter is like for me: Cold, Dark and Icy. Our Earth is farthest away from the Sun.

This year it's extra special because Jupiter and Saturn are super close and will be bright AF. Some people are calling it the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem. Whatever you call it, it's going to be beautiful. Personally, I'm excited about the extra hype because it's activating crown and third eye chakras around the globe and it's amazing. We are all connected, we are all one. Brothers and Sisters together. Sprinkle in a little PURPOSE and its pure magic.

Some PURPOSE promises to think about today on the Solstice...

WAKE UP EACH DAY EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING, GO TO SLEEP WITH A BEST AND SECOND BEST PART OF THE DAY. Record each in your MIHP and revisit your weeks on Sundays. It's so much fun. We get roped into everyday life and it all kind of blends into one busy blob. Not anymore. We have promises to keep!

NO NEGATIVE THINKING WITHOUT PROBLEM SOLVING. Today is the best day to write down a WINTER TO DO list! Fun and Functional. Make a list of 15 FUN activities to do this Winter and 15 FUNCTIONAL jobs around the house/work to complete. Bonus points if you can get to 25.

BELIEVE THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE GOOD. Winter's here. Yayyy? Meck, lots of us don't like the idea of freezing our faces off when we walk out to our vehicle and being scared shitless driving to work. I invite you to open your mind and recreate limiting thoughts of "bad drivers," into new drivers, cautious drivers, maybe someone who has no money to get better Winter tires... the possibilities are endless and all we can do is be on alert and drive our best out there. Take care of our neighbors!

NEVER ALLOW BUSINESS/WORK TO OVERRULE LOVE. Don't overschedule yourself, unless its for your family. Give yourself permission to take an extra day to love on your pack. Slow the F down and be open and available for them. Find ways to save money/ pinch pennies so you're able to do this. Maybe that looks like meal prepping/ freezing, making presents vs. buying them, saying "no" to other obligations or doings, burning wood instead of using your gas heat, finding fun things to do at home, whatever it may be, just remember: your family needs your love and your quality time. Stop putting meaningless bullshit in front of them.

BE THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT I HOPE OUR KIDS TO BE AS THEY GROW. Explain what Christmas is really about. Forget the fancy gifts. Make traditions. Show your love. Watch some "Elf."

ALWAYS BE OPEN TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Allow this Winter's rest to be a reawakening of your soul and a rebirth of your spirit. Mind & Body Reset, Purpose sessions, Yoga, Meditation & Tea. Deep conscious breaths and you'll be feelin' fly.

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Karen Castellucci
Karen Castellucci

15 fun and 15 functional to-do's, never thought to do this. Excited to put pencil to paper and see what I can come up with!

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