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Your Personal DUTY

Be yourself and your people will always show up. I'm not talking about most of the time, I'm talking about ALL of the time. Even when it's difficult to do. Following the crowd is for the crowd, not for you. Let us break this down into all aspects of your PURPOSE.

Fam: Lead by example- emotionally, mentally and physically. If you say something and do another, that is what you're creating for society, and not only for your reality but also for your kids'. If we don't teach them, someone else is going to along the way, and guess what? No one has our babies best personal interest like we do.

Give enough love everyday to last a lifetime. I MEAN IT. We don't know how long we have on this earth, and most of us are sharing kid time with another family/parent's house. We have no parenting guilt when we are showing up out of the max abundance of LOVE *the highest frequency, every single day.

Personal: Never water myself down for anyone, or allow someone to tell me who I am, ever. HELLO! Why do we do this? We don't want to rock the boat so we start agreeing, or being silent. Pretty soon we don't even know who we are in the first place. Ask questions, learn, and always trust your gut instinct and your heart. God will never lead you astray. There's a reason you are here, and I can promise you that it's not to agree with what everyone else is telling you or suggesting to you. You will flourish when you figure that out.

Make time to relax. YES, you have to do that. Dangerous things happen when we don't make time to sink inward. All of the answers are within yourself, and slowly they will surface. Keep honoring yourself and your space to be the best version of YOU that is possible. Watch the moon and her phases- on those waning phases especially, you will want to make time to recoup and chill.

Career: Live on facts and reality... never on EGO and judgement. Yup, that is a true win. Anytime I find myself on a slippery slope, I ask myself: Facts and Reality? Ego and Judgement? If it's primarily ego/judgement, I choke it out. And that's what you'll have to do, every single day. As humans it keeps coming back.

Be approachable and always improving. It's important to be reachable and willing to lift higher. Not only does it create healthy communication and expand your knowledge but it keeps your third eye open for awareness and different perspectives.

Society: Help people in a smart way that lasts and continues to improve their lives or work their way out of negative situations. BOOM. That's my money statement. And by "money," I don't mean money, I mean LOVE LIGHT AND ABUNDANCE. Money is stupid and just a means to control us. If you look at the frequency, the energy in everything you will see... high frequency is good, feels good and never controls. Low frequency is typically man made and controls us, doesn't feel good and usually doesn't sit right in our instincts.

High frequency=GOD, Low frequency=DEMONS

These are just a few, but PURPOSE is necessary for a healthy life. The promises you make to yourself and everyone in your life shouldn't be taken lightly. What a beautiful thing: to have your very own fall backs and promises to yourself, that you create and believe in. If you're feeling stuck, energy healing (mind and body reset) is most likely going to be your best bet to release what's holding you back.

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