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Total Package!

Everything you need to get your year off right, and actually capitalize on it! Buy as a package and save over $20. Comes with Binder of your choice, Weekly Spread, Monthly Spread of your choice, Wet Erase Pages, and Mood Tracking Pages. This is the most effective planner available and you won't find a better deal on anything similar! As ALWAYS, try me and I'll match it!



Choice of Binder:

7" x 9" Faux Leather

  • Pink + Rose Gold
  • Black + Rose Gold
  • Gray + Black Matte
  • Camel + Black Matte


Credit Card, Business Card, and ID Storage

Pen Holder

Logo on Inside Cover and Outside

Folder on Front Cover

Notebook Holder on Back Cover

Superior Craftsmanship


Choice of 12 Monthly Inserts:

  • Watercolor by Joshua Hakey (Eau Claire, WI)
  • Color Your Own by Kelly Hawley Prochaska (Black River Falls, WI)


Weekly + Daily Spreads for ENTIRE year

Undated, As ALWAYS

[PURPOSE] First. Write out your WHY: Personal, Family, Career, Society+ Faith

[HAPPINESS] Second. Positive Actions and Who You Are As A Person: Then you can worry about the "normal" day to day things...


Monday- Sunday

Dinner Space Monday- Friday

h20 Tracking

Goals + Habits Weekly

Priorities Weekly

Shopping List with Budget

Open Space for Notes

(Lines are larger than original MAKE IT HAPPEN for weekly layout)

25 Goals YEARLY with Deadline + Game Plan

Quarterly Focus (Taxes, Business Contacts, Next Quarter Deadlines, Reward Yourself)


Wet Erase Pages (To Snap In Weekly)

Priorities: 1, 2, 3, 4

Habits (Make Or Break) + Goals

"Home Stuff"

+ Our AMAZING Directional Methods (NOW YOU CAN WRITE THROUGH EVERY WEEK and stay focused)

Start, Slow, Go and Reverse


Mood Tracker Mental Health Pages

Assess Feelings + Energy Each Day

Evaluate If/Where Change is Needed

Celebrate Success + Positive Energy


Guidance, from our Important People FB Group! 

A5 MAKE IT HAPPEN Planner (12 Month Loaded Kit)


Flower Moon

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