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Stock Up, Change Weekly and SAVE!


Everyone will love riding in your car with the fresh scents. Your friends will know you are cool and health conscious with these Essential Oil Air Fresheners! Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing your air fresheners not only smell great but will cause you no harm as these are free of carcinogens.


Lemongrass & Sweet Orange Essential Oils INFUSE this Air Freshener to bring uplifting scent anywhere!

Morning Person is composed of Lemongrass and Sweet Orange Essential Oils


-No More Stinky Car!



-Ideal For Any Small Space


(Be mindful that these air fresheners are infused with essential oils and will stain direct contact)



Air Freshener Set

  • Keep in a cool, dry place while storing. Only buy air fresheners that you'll use within a month due to the clear plastic packaging of these theraputic oils. Keep out of direct sunlight to maintain the essential oil benefits.

    If you are pregnant or nursing consult a doc before using.

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