Tiny Urchins: $8

Coral: $10

Crystals (Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz): $16

Rose Quartz with Premium Air Plant: $19

Starfish Wall Hanger: $15


Water these babies once a week with a spritz or submerge in water for a bit IF IN SUN. If not sunny, or is muggy/ humidity in house, then once every 2 weeks. They absorb water through their leaves not roots. They will attach to their planter.


Rose Quartz- Love, Healing, Forgiveness. (heart chakra)

Citrine- Money, Manifestation, Abundance, Power, Purpose (solar plexus)

Amethyst- Good Intentions, Courage, Clear Mind, Protection (crown)


Coral, Urchin, and Jellyfish will bring ocean vibes to your space.


Everything with intention!

Air Plants

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