Purchase a Mind & Body Reset with PURPOSE Session get a FREE A5 Rise & Rise Again Kit for your loved one.


Do you know someone who you want to help so badly but you don't know where to start? Start here! Make sure to let them know the Session will take 3 hours and they have NOTHING to be scared about.


For the first two hours we will do a Mind and Body Energy Healing Reset.

Here's what they have to do: Lay on my treatment table and close their eyes!


I start out with declogging those lingering thoughts, holdbacks, limitations that they don't even need. I touch 30some access points in their head that all are directly related to different areas of their life (their entire life from baby til now) on sadness, happiness, control, creativity, time and space and lots more. Then from the most relaxed, clear mind state I start with the crown chakra and move down their whole body to toes and open their energetic wheels (chakras) so they can free themselves of bullshit they're harboring.


During the process I also explain in detail what mental issues and physical issues they may be facing or at risk of if the blockages persist.


Finally, I end with a PURPOSE session and help them get started in their MAKE IT HAPPEN planner and set some goals, break habits, make habits, make promises to their lives for their upcoming days and forever.


I will send you the gift card + planner, send them the gift card+planner with a greeting card, you can pick up from the store. Whatever is best for you! 

Ultimate Gift Package

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