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Money. It’s a big one to tackle, and it starts with knowing what you want out of life, whether that’s to travel more, have a family, or enhance your health to become the best version of yourself.

If you’re waist deep in spreadsheets trying to sort out money matters and pay down debt, you need to simplify. Complication creates confusion and stress (which only makes us want to spend more money on security items, like nice shoes).

Your Wealth & Abundance Financial Planner can help you figure it out:

Track your daily, weekly & monthly spending.
Organize expenses and schedule bill payments.
Gain better control of your finances and spending.
Discover how you can get more out of your earnings.
Analyze where you need to put more & where you need to cut back.
Save for those big ones such as travel, real estate, or Manolo Blahniks.

Your Wealth & Abundance Financial planner puts you in total control of your money. It looks simple and pretty, but it’s a powerful tool for helping you get what you want in life. Consider it the elbow grease that helps you simplify all things financial.

End your money-driven night sweats. Breathe and prosper. You’ve got this.

Made with ethically harvested paper. Hardcover.

Budget Book

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