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Enjoy the Bounties of Summer and Autumn All Year Long! Whether you forage, garden, or buy fresh produce, you want to utilize your delicious harvest. Learn the skills of canning and preserving, and savor those tantalizing flavors any time you choose. Author Michele N. Harmeling has been foraging, canning, pickling, and preserving for most of her life. Now, she’s sharing her expertise with you in a handy, convenient Adventure Skills Guide. The easy-to-follow booklet introduces the basics of canning and preserving. Find out what equipment is needed, with directions on how to assemble and use the various gear. Then discover the differences between hot-water-bath canning and pressure canning. Harmeling provides eight recipes for each method to help you safely practice and perfect each technique. Canning & Preserving goes on to cover essential food warnings and safety precautions.

Canning and Preserving Book

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