OK OK OK. Forget the limiting beliefs you hold on wearing Maxi Skirts, Cool Trousers and Dresses-

These control panties are literally your problem solver. Feels like you're wearing you fav high waisted leggings, except no legs!



When I went to price these, I revisited the meaning of angel number 3333 


Angel number 3333 is also associated with emotional and mental growth and healing. This is a very good sign for those who have been unable to move past trauma or shock. You might find it extremely difficult to forget the painful memories of your past but your angels are reminding you that you are strong enough to survive whatever tried to break you.


No coincidence. Fly angels.


I am very bloated, puffy fat lately and my 26's are super tight. Smalls in these are a little uncomfortable- I got both a  Small and a Medium for times like this:)

Parfait Elissa Super High Waisted Panty

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