Always consult a doc before using any essential oils. 

Never ingest oil blends or use on infants under 6 months.

Important Stuff Stays LLC Oils are purchased from FDA inspected facilities and blended with fractionated coconut oil in rollerball packaging at our location.



5% Blend of 100% OREGANO essential oil and fractionated organic coconut oil


blend with fractionated coconut oil. I can may a weaker blend for children if requested. Oregano is a "hot"oil and is very important to be diluted properly. Unlike tea tree and lavender (that you can use everyday), you want to stay away from regular use with oregano & peppermint. It's suggested to use no more than 5-7 days with a 1-2 weeks of non use in between. I LOVE oregano and give to all my employees, friends and children at onset of any type of runny nose, cough, congestion. It is thought to help sinus infection and colds. It has antibacterial properties and can be used for fungal infections.


-respitory issues

-coughing, runny nose

-fungal infections




Oregano Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oils
  • Always store in a cool, dry place and keep away from sunlight. FDA doesn't support any of the likely cures and treatments with any essential oils. With use of essential oils stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours.

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