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Now with MOON PHASE CALENDAR for 2023 as well as Moon Phase Guidance


If you work hard and want to make sure you're living towards purpose, this planner is for you. If you get paid based of production, you need this planner YESTERDAY.


Get where you want to be using our (4) Directional Methods

-Weekly Planning Pages

-200 pages total, ALL SUPER THICK

-H20 checklist daily

-50 GOALS throughout the year


-Habits *make or break

-30 Minute Breakdown of each day M-F

-Saturday and Sunday on same spread (with notes)

-Daily Dinner List, Grocery List with Budget

-Month View (with notes)

-Twelve Month UNDATED

-Notepages Following Each Month

-Quarterly Focus

-Six Month Recap

-Yearly Recap *Celebrations & Achievements

-Comes With 3 Post Cards for Accountability Partners




"I’m still in the process of organizing and transferring all of my information from my old planner in this planner, but so far I am in LOVE!! I have never found a planner that actually had enough space for all of my notes & ideas, lists, dinner ideas & appointments. This planner has that and TONS more!! I actually have space I haven’t used, YET! You can ask my hubby - that NEVER happens! Trust me, I’m working on filling in the pages & getting all of my notes and information to all be in the same place! I can’t wait!! The design is sturdy, loving the fun quotes & ideas to stay motivated! So far this planner is amaze-balls!"

-Savannah Bergman





Flower Moon

  • Cover size 8.5" x 11"

    Pages size 8" x 10.5"

    12 Monthly Tabs

    Folder pockets on interior covers

    Scratch resistant finish

    Comes in matching gift box

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