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You might not believe it until you try it but there’s a simple way to track payments so you can enjoy feeling in control of your finances. That’s right, budgeting can be fun, and you don’t have to be making millions (but wouldn’t it be nice!).

Tucked away in 12 uniquely designed budget envelopes is a simple way to manage your finances, find relief from money stress, and align with abundance:

Track your spending so you don’t overdo it
Ditch your credit cards (and stop paying interest)
Find out where your $$ is coming from and where it’s going
Separate cash into groups to ensure you’ve covered every expense
Have greater financial freedom, more peace of mind, and nicer shoes
Each envelope is made with luxury 250 gsm paper boasting a distinct motif and laminated for long-lasting use. Comes with ivory label stickers to assign cash to groups, and 12 budget sheets for financial planning.

Budget Envelopes

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